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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

H.O.W.L. Transition Program

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General Information

The H.O.W.L. Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary Program is a non-degree granting program designed to provide students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism post-secondary education in order to prepare for gainful employment. Specifically, the program allows such individuals access to educational experiences that enrich and enhance educational, social, and interpersonal skills as they strive to achieve personal aspirations. All general student services, academic services, and social events available at Arkansas State University are available to H.O.W.L. students. Students in the program are provided individualized mentoring in the areas of academic and social skills, career planning, and independent living.


To gain admission to the H.O.W.L. program, all applicants should submit an application packet. Students must meet eligibility criteria, provide letters of recommendation, a written statement/audio-visual recording describing a typical day in their life, and complete an on-campus interview with the program staff. Additional eligibility and application information can be obtained from the program website (astate.edu/howltp). Students in the program must pay a program fee each semester.

H.O.W.L. Program Description

Students in the program must complete a minimum of 47 hours from among required courses. The courses include a non-credit bearing emphasis area with instruction on life skills and an internship, in addition to core of regular courses offered on campus.

Required Courses:

First Year Making Connections Course

Emphasis Area (H.O.W.L. Transition Program Courses)

  • HOWL 0116 - HOWL Seminar I Sem. Hrs: 6
  • HOWL 0213 - Life Skills I Sem. Hrs: 3
  • HOWL 0313 - Life Skills II Sem. Hrs: 3
  • HOWL 0223 - HOWL Seminar II Sem. Hrs: 3
  • HOWL 0323 - HOWL Internship (Fall Semester) Sem. Hrs: 3
  • HOWL 0323 - HOWL Internship (Spring Semester) Sem. Hrs: 3
  • HOWL 0323 - HOWL Internship (Optional Summer Semester) Sem. Hrs: 0 or 3


  • Electives Sem. Hrs: 7

Total Required Hours: 47-51

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