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2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

General Education Curriculum for Baccalaureate, Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees

Statement of Mission for the General Education Program of Arkansas State University

The general education program develops a foundation and motivation for the lifelong pursuit of learning in undergraduate students at Arkansas State University by introducing them to a broad range of essential areas of knowledge that will enable them to think critically and participate ethically in a democratic nation and a global society.

General Education Goals for Students

  1. Communicating effectively. Students should be able to communicate effectively and correctly, in writing and in speech, for a variety of purposes, using appropriate forms of discourse, organizational strategies, and vocabulary.
  2. Using mathematics. Students should be able to use, understand and apply basic mathematical skills in practical applications.
  3. Developing a life-long appreciation of the arts and humanities. Students should develop an appreciation for the arts and humanities. They should be aware of the role of art and literature in human civilization and contemporary culture.
  4. Developing a strong foundation in the social sciences. Students should be aware of the diverse systems developed by humans to manage and structure our relationships with one another. Students should prepare for the full range of public and private roles they are expected to fulfill as citizens, decision-makers and human beings in a democratic America and in a global society.
  5. Using science to make informed decisions. Students should understand how science is conducted and the criteria for scientific evidence so that they will be able to make informed decisions about the health and well-being of their communities and the natural environment. They should be aware of the ethical and political issues raised by science.

Sequence of Courses

The General Education Program is designed to be completed in the first and second years, though this will not be possible for every student. However, the Communication and Mathematics requirements must be completed within the first 45 hours earned toward a degree. The requirements in Science are to be completed before 60 degree hours are completed, if a course listed in the category is a prerequisite for a course listed under requirements of the major. Students and advisors should check the general education requirements specified by each college for its various majors. Except where modifications are noted for specific degree programs, all baccalaureate degree candidates are required to complete the following general education curriculum.




Three (3) hours required

MATH 1043 - Quantitative Reasoning  will satisfy the math requirement unless otherwise noted in the “General Education Requirements” section of a degree plan.


Course and Laboratory required

Fine Arts & Humanities:

Fine Arts

Three (3) hours required

Departmental Option:

The three (3) optional hours are chosen by the Department for the Degree plan and not the individual student. The three (3) hours will be from either COMS 1203 - Oral Communication , Fine Arts & Humanities, or Social Sciences.

Total Required Hours: 35

NOTE: Making Connections is a University Requirement and is in addition to the State Minimum Core of 35 general education hours.